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LCpl Dan Best has moved from KAIA to our location so we have a little bit more boypower.

Capt ‘Billy Bagpipes’ Wardrope kindly hosted a group of likeminded.

Conversations with Jane Juffer sparked many of my best ideas, and I thank her for sharing her wisdom and insights with me. Jeff Nealon really, really knows how to teach critical theory, and showed me that the only way out is through. Dan Conway is a thoughtful, careful, and endlessly patient reader.

The photo strongly resembles the Jeff Wagner on the aforementioned Facebook page and in the campaign ad, though there is no independent confirmation that it is the same man. Information on the site says that the man

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compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s mission.

APR 2016 US Army Research Laboratory.

Libraries & information centers and chambers of commerce & industry were listed as the least preferred channels. Wikis, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook were among the frequently used social media, while use of social networking services such as WhatsApp and Instagram were at the bottom of the list.

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