Doc Ryan Stewman – Capital Gains

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Capital Funds (Line 8) Additions To Endowment (Line 9) Contributions for Outreach & Mission Programs (Line 10).

The Rev. Ryan A. Wright The Rev. Mary E. Piper

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Specifically, it is an admission that if all that non-cash income stuff, stuff like capital gains (ie. rich people's wages), were taxed appropriately the date would be rolled back even farther. So there you have it. Straight from the smart boys at the Fraser Institute. End the free ride for the rich and everything, and everybody, will be just fine.

Mayor of Northern Ireland Capital Stewart, Jan Stewart, Jay Stewart, Rev. J. Esek Stewart. John British ambassador to North Vietnam Stewart, John Liberal M.P. Parliamentary Secretary to Minister External Affairs Lotteries Associate Professor University of Manitoba Stewart, John Leslie Stewart, John Sherratt Stewart, Judy Stewart, Dr. K.W.

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The Rev. Ryan A. Wright.

The Rev. Kerry J. Stewman The Rev. Suzanne M. Post.

Capital Improvement Expenditures (Line 15) $0

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